Time Table:

9 am Start
5 pm Finish
Two 45min breaks

What do I need?

Notepad preferably A4 hardback. Assorted color pens, preferable a 4-in-1 colour pen and additional colours: you need black, blue, red, green and orange or yellow. Also a pencil with an eraser and sharpener. You may take notes on a tablet or laptop.


There is no need to learn any particular. But we suggest an understanding of the background to make the training easier to engage and to have driving experience is beneficial.

Does the course meet your needs?

After completing one of the courses, you must complete the action plan you have been given and use the notes to refresh, go through the essential information, and use the website provided to learn online. After completing the three-day course and following your custom-designed action plan, you’re all set to start. If you need additional training, we’ll advise your next steps. We also provide extra individual tuition in 121 through Zoom.

Hazard Perception:

We’ve got an excellent method of helping you comprehend how to pass the Hazard Perception Test and show you the best ways. When students complete our training, they score on average between 70 and 75.

Is the course enough?

Once you have completed any of the courses, complete the bespoke action plan provided, use your notes to revise, flick through the basics and use the website issued to practice online. After a 3 day course and completing your tailor-made action plan, you are ready to go. If you feel you require further training, we will advise on the next step. We also offer additional 121 private tuitions via Zoom.

When do I need to make my appointment for my test?

Due to the vast backlog created by the COVID pandemic, there is a backlog of COVID patients. We recommend booking our course first, then booking any test you can take regardless of how close or far the system’s date is. It is possible to alter the date of your test multiple times, provided it is at least four days before the test.


You can find an earlier test time by checking if there are cancellations at gov.UK. It is also possible to try other test centers with earlier dates. Any time you’d like! We cannot recommend the best time to take a test since each person is different. We suggest between 7 and 30 days following the course as a guideline. However, it

Testimonials & Reviews:

Can find Our testimonials on our testimonials page, Google, on our Facebook page or Trust Pilot.

What we do to implement our training:

We provide training for each of the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test. We employ various methods of teaching, which include visual aids.

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Live illustrations
  • Tables and diagrams
  • Props and props are used to create the illusion.
  • Interaction
  • And we are having a blast!

This method guarantees that you’re always immersed in the information you must be able to. A further benefit is that we employ primary sources to pass this information to students.